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Lois's first book signing on Islemarada in the Florida Keys




Lois Richman


LOIS RICHMAN left Palm Beach County, Florida and went to Hollywood, California where she immediately became a columnist and West Coast Editor for various movie magazines.  When the field changed, she began her formal education earning a B.A. in English at Cal. State Northridge and teaching for L. A. School District in gang schools (the basis for a future book entitled San Fernando Interlude.)
Returning to Florida to do her “Hemingway thing” and write a novel, Wanted First Mate (available on was born.  She also taught at Key West High School, exposing her to the characters she writes about in Key West Interlude.
Moving back home to Palm Beach County, Ms. Richman continued to teach at the high school level while she obtained her Master’s Degree at F.A.U.  Moving onto teaching college, she established the ESOL Department, where her students learned English and American skills and were from countries including China, Europe, South America and South Korea.
Ready to finish a thrilling and exciting page-turner, she completed Key West Interlude.  The central character is about the well-respected Conch, Captain Maxwell Hernandez, on a questionable haul to Islamorada.  When he goes overboard, the new Head of Detectives asks, “Why didn’t you jump in after him? --“We know him?  The lawyer say jump, we jump.  Call 911, Call 911.”  The two suspects do neither.  Uncovered is a past that includes millions squirreled away in various safety deposit boxes, including his boat The Ramblin’ Rose, where a record of some of those funds exists, and a new Will leaving everything to his latest lover and not his wife of forty-two years and their five children.
Through her education and teaching years, she has met people with interesting stories and as a writer, embellished the events into intriquing happenings, carrying the reader through time and journeys of the various cities involved and its many residents all with events that are the kernals for both her characters, story, and placement.  Key West is filled with beauty, uniqueness and quirky people, and fertile area for plot. Through a serious interest in human nature and their journeys, Key West Interlude will make you laugh, cry, cheer and find entertainment in the story of Paulette Marshall and the murder of Captain Maxwell, filled with intrique until its resolution, neither predictable nor expected, but definitely entertaining!




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