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Lois Richman's second novel

Key West Interlude

Key West InterludeHave you ever been cheated on and divorced and he still got the best of deal?  The first of three exciting, page turning novels entitled “The Paulette Marshall Series,” this is how she started out, but she won her battle for their mansion in Beverly Hills, California, “their coveted mansion with its 360 degrees view of all of L.A.” and now has “her payback--against not the big guy, but the big, rich guy who broke her heart, the man she trusted, supported while he went to medical school and helped build their castle in the sky from designer to builder and installer to the reality they dreamed of together.”  And now he wants to bring another woman, pregnant with his child, into their very same home?
Left with a huge home and expenses—now what?  She left everything up to ex-husband, Christopher Marshall, M.D. F.A.C.S. She has no idea of expenses, how to balance a budget (what is that!), what to hold onto and what to sell—and more specifically, how to do it alone.

Paulette can afford to do what most women cannot.  She escapes all of this for an adventure to the exotic and unique Key West, Florida, leaving her financial and legal problems in the hands of her attorney and best friend, Kathleen Moore.  Holding tight to her power over her ex-husband, Paulette’s first adventure is to Key West where she grows from an ex-wife who “has been tethered to Chris who has been tethered to his cell phone” for twenty-two years to a woman of today—independent and in control of her own life, going from “someone’s daughter, wife or mother” into discovery of her own essence and her real place in life while uncovering what matters and what needs changing.

She is hired as a counselor at Key West High School where her cousin Doug and his wife Flower have earned their way into “the world of the conchs” by delivering drugs to drug lords in Miami Beach.  Not to forget romance, she meets the handsome banker who begins their relationship with “a perfect date, starting with a visit to the Key West Cemetery during the Harvest Moon.” On the road to recovery and self-discovery she meets Ziam Elms, a guru and guest of Doug and Flower’s to a lavish birthday party for Flower’s birthday.  He wishes to give her guidance as “such matters do not occur in our country,” to which Paulette wishes to say, “You don’t divorce your women either.”
Problems arise on the waters when Captain Maxwell is found dead, face down, the two suspects claiming “he jumped.  Boom.  Just like that.”  An honored and well-respected Cuban from one of the first families of the city, he has a well-hidden past of lovers, including a neighbor who goes on the captain’s last boat-for-hire trip to Islamorada, booked by questionable passengers.  There is more to the captain than meets the eye, especially for his daughter Susanna, the last of his five children.  She is after her father’s money which is literally scattered all over the city and aboard his boat The Ramblin’ Rose, its condition hiding the fact that over three hundred thousand dollars is in the safe alone, with safety deposit boxes at various banks all over the city. 
How did the captain die?  Was he murdered as suspected or did he jump?  Where is all this cash and who is in charge?  Captain Maxwell has become forgetful and those aware of what he is really worth better hurry and locate what has been saved over a period of thirty years as there is a New Will leaving everything to his latest lover, his neighbor Ariel Costas!  The Chief of Detectives, new in town and unaware of the underground of the colorful and famous city, must find the answers with little help from retiring Captain Hauser.

The reader follows Paulette through her final divorce proceedings when, according to California law, she is given her payback tool, at least temporarily.  Ariel is one of the students she counsels when Capt. Maxwell dies.  She has taken money and because of it, has Catholic guilt she shares with no-one, also a secret that would have exploded had the Captain not gone overboard.  How is she involved?  What is her secret?  And who else is involved.  These are just some of the questions to be answered in this exciting thriller filled with interesting characters and twists and turns to what might appear to be a straight-forward plot, but like life itself, has many twists and turns before the solultion is discovered.  Meanwhile, Paulette’s participation adds to the thrill of the chase and now she’s ready for her next adventure entitled Palm Beach Interlude where the scenery is much closer to her heart.  She was raised there!  She thinks she is going to a family celebration and adding to the twists and turn of real life, ends up in the middle of a murder investigation.

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Lois Richman's third novel

Palm Beach Interlude

Coming Soon!

Key West InterludePaulette Marshall has left Key West. She has settled her feet on the ground in the mountains above the very commercial and popular vacation spot, Hilton Head, North Carolina.
Up on her two and half acres, she has a small cabin. It sits near the river that runs below her property. She and a helper have built pathways; passable but uninviting. She has a pen for her horse and two dogs who roam the property and sleep with her at night. She has also planted corn for next season, and her tomatoes are so sweet she wants to ship some to her friends.
            The “why” up in the hills is obvious to her. She is living another dream. She has found a different place with a certain kind of peace of its own. One that is quiet and purposeful. Her year in Key West brought a thoughtful time, but the purpose? She has still been holding onto the Casa, her son living there at will while he attends UCLA. Out of spite, she has been unwilling to accept his money because holding onto the Casa continues to be payback for being dumped for a younger woman her ex-husband wishes to bring into the home they built together .
Here in the mountains, a half hour from civilization, she will find her purpose. Just swaying with the trees, and when winter arrives in a few month, she will sit by the fire, enough the logs cut from her own property and stored under the porch, and listen to the sounds of nature—all of it quite enough.
“My father has been arrested for murder!  He will not speak to anyone else!  You have to come to Palm Beach. Quick!” the voice on the other end of the phone blurted out.
            It was Madison, Sharon and Timothy J. Buckner’s daughter, screaming into the phone. She is in California, eight and a half months pregnant. Her rapper husband is out of town and she has no-one to take care of her two and half year old daughter.
            “He says he won’t leave until you get here. We made bail and all, but he will not budge. He also said he was a victim. He didn’t do it and wants you to know that so you can help him prove it.”  
Timothy J. Buckner was not a potential client. He was as close to being a family member in the Marshall family as good friends get.
All the way back to school days in Palm Beach, Tim was sweetheart and then husband to Paulette ’s best friend, Sharon Darby Buckner, one of two daughters of the long time, very rich Palm Beach family.
Sharon died several years ago—run over by a truck loaded with sand driven by a worker who could not stop after Sharon stepped off the sidewalk against the light. Soon after, Tim married “Barbara with the five last names.” Now he was being arrested for Barbara’s murder. Stabbed seventeen times: investigators have marked the case a hate crime and Tim is their main suspect.


A year living in Key West “to do my Ernest Hemingway thing” resulted in Lois writing her first novel entitled Wanted First Mate.

Lois Richman's first novel

Wanted: First Mate

Wanted: First MateBeautiful Ellie Johnson has spent her life chasing a fantasy. A teenage runaway, she was adopted by a family in Philadelphia to whom she never told her real name, choosing instead to begin a new life. Like so many girls, she dreams of marrying a handsome millionaire and spending her days in the lap of luxury. When she becomes pregnant by her law-school boyfriend at the age of eighteen, she hopes their hurried marriage will evolve into the union of her dreams. But within a few short years, her husband is gone, vanishing without a trace and taking their young daughter with him. Heartbroken, Ellie decides to start over again, moving to a small Caribbean island where she becomes one of the seasonal "boat babes," befriending wealthy men vacationing in the islands. There she meets and falls in love with Todd Evers, who is very sexy, very charming-and very married. When she becomes pregnant, Todd gives her an ugly ultimatum that costs her both her baby and her lover. She finds comfort in the arms of multi-millionaire Brent Livingston III, whose wealth and pedigree lead Ellie to hope she's finally found the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, marrying Brent proves to be the worst choice Ellie has made yet. Life in paradise quickly descends into a virtual hell, as Brent's cruelty pushes Ellie to her breaking point. During a reckless sailing trip in a thunderstorm, Brent finally goes too far, and Ellie's life is changed forever. She must decide: does she have the strength to break away and start over yet again? Or will she be trapped forever by unrealistic expectations of love and the poor choices of her past? Fast-paced and packed with richly drawn characters, WANTED: First Mate is a provocative and entertaining novel about what happens when one woman's life doesn't go as planned...and the surprising new paths that time can reveal.





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