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  • Who is your intended audience?

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Women who are in the situation Paulette Marshall is, where she is “blind sighted” by her husband’s request for a divorce—and how she (unlike so many other women in Paulette’s position who are not so lucky, survives to beat the “divorce game”.  Then what impact Key West and the experiences she has there, impact her life and set her on a different path. Ultimately, as a death occurs in Key West, going from what the view has been (until his death) versus how his life really was.

  • What is your vision for your book?

GOALS:  I want a smoothly written, easy to read, fast moving book.  The first couple of chapters are the intro of Paulette Marshall, which will evolve as she changes/is forced to change.  And through the episodes that go on in Key West, the reader comes upon those “ah-ha” moments of “all is not as perfect” in the life of the victim.  Then, ultimately, as she moves out of Key West, a clarity about her changes and feelings and her future.

  • Other comments

COMMENTS: There are multiple characters and multiple plots (not like many mystery/romance/ books.)
This book KEY WEST INTERLUDE is the first of a trilogy, the second one PALM BEACH INTERLUDE, already in the works.  Some of the characters continue, others come to a resolution in KEY WEST INTERLUDE.

The writing style makes for an easy read.  The characters are well-developed as are the plots and incidents that surround them.






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