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Lois's first book signing on Islemarada down a ways in the florida keys


Book Signing at Lake Worth Library


Lois Richman's Photo Album


Don't say everyone can swim. Here is Baby on the raft and Callie watching over her. Callie would never get wet, just worry a lot.

Living on the couch are Baby and Callie. (See Pearlie sticking her head out!)

Shots of my beloved Baby in the water

Lois with grandson, Evan and granddaughter, Katie

Back in California! Granddaughter, Katie, son-in-law, Kenny, grandson, Evan and yours truly.

Proud Grandmother, my mother and my son, David. Two kids are her step-grandkids and they meant so much to her.

Mother came to visit on Christmas. Pictured here in the chair. I'm in the back with my daughter, June Dianne and son, David.

My Key West Adventure. The first month there, no car, so I rented one of the pink motor scooters.

My Key West apartment across from Higgs Beach.

My Califonia Mother who shared all her contacts with me in Hollywood and helped me so much. We talked every day until she passed. Fredda Dudley Balling.

I was raised by my grandfather, Harry Kramer, until we moved to Florida when I was eleven. There we are visiting my Aunt Louise and Aunt Lillie in Rocky River, Ohio.

Danielle Richman with her proud Grandmother


Lois and her beloved dog.


An "official" picture, with little Katie in a dress her mother, June, wore when she was her daughter's age. Evan sits next to her and is not happy about posing. And my dearest and best friend, daughter, June, standing at my side, as always. We grew up together and she is still with me every day.

Lois and Karl


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