Key West Interlude by Lois Richman

Have you ever been cheated on, divorced, and still he got the best of the deal? Paulette does not shoot or abuse him; her weapon for payback is when she wins temporary custody of “their coveted mansion with its 360 degree view of all of LA in Beverly Hills, California.” Paulette can afford to do what most women cannot. She escapes to exotic Key West, Florida, where she enters “the world of the conchs” through introductions made by her cousin, Doug, her students—more specifically Ariel Costas, the recipient of Captain Maxwell Hernandez’s huge fortune because of the “switching of the wills”. One of the most notable is handsome, six-pack-abs banker Enrico Mercado, who takes her on “a perfect date, starting with the Key West Cemetery during the full harvest moon.” Death by drowning happens to Captain Maxwell, father of five, and a member of one of the original families from Cuba to Key West when it was only a fishing village. Was he murdered as suspected, or did he jump? Forgetful of late and worth millions, specifically, where has he put all this money? Neighbor Ariel, her friend Jose, and Officer Tall Tom are part of “Captain Maxy’s” will, which youngest daughter Susanna resents. She wants it all—leaving her mother, brothers, and a sister out, hoping to present everything to her drug lord ex-husband so he takes her back. This thrilling, fast-paced, page-turner has Paulette entering the underground world of Key West as she goes from “someone’s daughter, wife, or mother” to an independent, brave woman seeking solutions. Once the case is resolved, Paulette’s next adventure is entitled Palm Beach Interlude where the scenery is close to her heart. It is home, and she becomes involved in the murder investigation of her childhood friend’s husband and the death of his second wife.