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Lois has done it again!

Key West Interlude has just been released!

Key West InterludeKey West Interlude , Lois Richman's second novel, is the first of three exciting, page turning novels entitled “The Paulette Marshall Series. Follow Paulette from a contentious divorce in Los Angeles through an unintended adventure in Key West.

What are people saying about Key West Interlude?

Joe Kilgore of Pacific Book Review says:

Lois Richman puts the pedal to the metal on the very first page of this book and doesn’t slow down until she reaches the end of a drive filled with twists, turns, familial dysfunction and dastardly deeds done in the dead of night. Along the way, characters multiply exponentially, tributary stories become mainstream, and a loose end or two doesn’t quite get tied up. All of that however is seemingly secondary to infusing her tale with energy—which she does relentlessly.

According to the author, this is simply one installment in the Paulette Marshall Mystery Series. If other chronicles are as jet propelled as this one, readers will need bookmarks that come with seatbelts.


Coming Soon: Lois Richman's third novel!

Wanted: First MatePalm Beach Interlude Lois Richman's third novel, is the second of three exciting, page turning novels entitled “The Paulette Marshall Series.


A year living in Key West “to do my Ernest Hemingway thing” resulted in Lois writing her first novel entitled Wanted First Mate.

Lois Richman's first novel

Wanted: First MateWanted: First Mate is a provocative and entertaining novel about what happens when Ellie Johnson's life doesn't go as planned...and the surprising new paths that time can reveal. 





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