Key West Interlude

Captain Maxwell Hernandez has been found dead next to his fishing vessel, The Ramblin’ Rose, face down in the waters at the Bahia Honda Inlet near Key West, Florida. Meanwhile, Paulette Marshall has left her mansion on top of Mulholland Drive in the very rich and prestigious Bel Air, California, and neighborhood after winning the property during a very contentious divorce she did not want.

Ellie: First Mate

Everywhere beautiful Ellie Johnson turns, the choices and circumstances surrounding her quest for a potential husband bring along with it, real trouble. Running away from home as a pre-teen, her only dream was to find someone who would love, shelter and protect her. She dreamed of life as a happily married woman but her men haven’t worked out

So far.

Wanted: First Mate

Beautiful Ellie Johnson has spent her life chasing a fantasy. A teenage runaway, she was adopted by a family in Philadelphia to whom she never told her real name, choosing instead to begin a new life. Like so many girls, she dreams of marrying a handsome millionaire and spending her days in the lap of luxury.

Summer Sunsets


In the midst of Sandy Jamison’s plan to attend college in the big city of Charlotte, NC after graduation from high school and “never return here, ever again.” appears 22-year-old Junior Taylor.

 Sandy’s mind is on her plans as she yearns to find her father, someone who once loved her and made her feel secure and wanted. Maybe he could explain how the divorce happened. There was no fighting, no announcement made to Sandy who suddenly lost a whole group of relatives and was “rushed off to this small, nothing town that doesn’t even have a market, a Walgreens or a fast-food joint.” Her mother only said, “I have a new job.”


PS how could I forget JOHNNY DEPP?
Johnny Depp, a known avoider of fame and uncomfortable with any kind of press of exposure at all (the trial should have ended some …
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Key West Interlude

Have you ever been cheated on, divorced, and still he got the best of the deal? Paulette does not shoot or abuse him; her weapon for payback is when she wins temporary custody of "their coveted mansion with its 360 degree view of all of LA in Beverly Hills, California."

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Ellie: Firat Mate

Being in love isn't supposed to end up like this, Ellie Johnson Livingston thought. When she married Brent L. Livingston III she wanted to live happily ever after, so long as they boyh shall live. Her head was throbbing and she was sure the moisture coming from her scalp was her blood. She and husband, Brent L. Livingston III, were playing a game of hide and seek when the announcement came from the CB lady that a Catagory 4 hurricane was headed straight for them.


Wanted: First Mate

Unfortunately, marrying Brent proves to be the worst choice Ellie has made yet. Life in paradise quickly descends into a virtual hell, as Brent’s cruelty pushes Ellie to her breaking point. During a reckless sailing trip in a thunderstorm, Brent finally goes too far,


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