The Author

Lois Richman is now a full-time writer of mysteries surrounding the heart, family life, and other intimate relationships that lead to murder. Currently residing in her childhood hometown, she was raised around southern Florida, where swimming, boating, and exploring the Caribbean are still of high interest to her.

She began journaling at the age of nine and has continued that process, not only to solve her own life’s problems, but to gather antidotes and characters along the way she is anxious to turn into exciting, interesting, quick-read, and fun novels.

In the past, she has sold articles and short stories of general interest to major publications; celebrity interviews, health, nutrition, and self-help were among those published. She was also an editor and writer of gossip columns about the famous in Hollywood. Returning to college to complete her formal education, she is a graduate of Cal. State, Northridge with a B.A. in English Literature. She also has a teaching certificate. She completed paralegal training while working at Universal Studios and M.C.A. Records in California. Recently, she received a Master’s Degree in Reading from F.A.U., Boca Raton, Fla… Next on her list of books to complete is the beginning of the PAULETTE MARSHALL SERIES, the first one entitled KEY WEST INTERLUDE which she began when she lived in Key West for a year.

KEY WEST INTERLUDE will be followed by PALM BEACH INTERLUDE, and she is anxiously working on both as WANTED: FIRST MATE is released. Her hobbies are swimming, snorkeling, traveling, and gardening. She has toured and traveled extensively. This includes spending a summer semester in London studying Shakespeare, and a month in Greece doing research for a future novel. At the hobby level, she owns a collection of famous designers’ dress sketches from well-known films purchased during her Hollywood days. She is also an animal activist, living with three dogs and a lone black cat who take up most of her living room couches.