PS how could I forget JOHNNY DEPP?

Johnny Depp, a known avoider of fame and uncomfortable with any kind of press of exposure at all (the trial should have ended some of that!) says:“Something strange is going on here. People ae in the same lline, one after another, joining this line,” he says, shaking his head. “I’m going the other way!”


NOTE ABOUT NETFLIX’S ACTORS BILLING: Have you noticed some pretty good movies with “unknowns” in them. Well, Netflix has decided not to give a billing of who is starring in these HUNDREDS of new “B” movies, and even at times do the same for all movies coming in– they are buying so fast.

The Son

“The Son” with Hugh Jackman and Anthony Hopkins, and Laura Dern as the divorced wife, and Vanessa Kirby as the new, younger wife and new mother, is one not to be missed, — unless it’s too close to your reality. There’s an added plus to this one, besides great and familiar actors. This is from […]

Walk in the Woods

“Walk in the Woods” with Robert Redford and Nick Nolty.  In the mood to watch two “old” guys live out their fantasy of hiking the Appalachian Trail in the Carolinas?  Then this is the ticket. No shooting guns going off, but plenty of action as they try to make the hike, stopping at a hotel […]

The Monuments Men

“The Monuments Men,’ Directed by George Clooney, produced by Clooney and he is also stars as Frank Stokes. This is a true story, near the end of WWII when curators, historians, and scholars volunteered to go to Germany to recover stolen art and other priceless treasures before it could be destroyed by Hitler. Also starring, […]

WHAT/if with Rene’ Zellweger as Anne

Sleek, great dialogue and ‘throw it in your face riches’ for the settings, Ms. Zellweger is the whole show. She is sexy, smart, and secretive—and she has aged well.             Underlying in the plot is the very story of a real woman, Elizabeth Holmes, the first youthful billionaire because of her invention refined and produced […]

Borgen Danish political drama

Tired of the shoot ‘em first and ask questions later dramas—where, after the gore, the plot begins to unfold.  This is how most American-made dramas (and so many European ones) are formulated today. My recommendation is to take a look at Borgen and then WHAT/If: Both on NETFLIX.             BORGEN is […]

Yearning for Mothers

Happy Birthdays! Gloria Steinem had a birthday this month, and she passed along her usual wisdom that reaches right inside and grabs the heart space. This time about mothers, or rather the lack of one. Her discussion, in essence, centered on the lack of opportunities for her mother’s generation. I paraphrase her remarks here. “Women […]


BLOG – WELCOME BACK. is the ONLY WEBSITE AS OF THIS DATE – May 1, 2022. I want to thank you all for your cards and letters, comments and suggestions. I have taken many of them to heart and here you will have the opinion of only one moviegoer who realizes that films are […]