Yearning for Mothers

Happy Birthdays! Gloria Steinem had a birthday this month, and she passed along her usual wisdom that reaches right inside and grabs the heart space. This time about mothers, or rather the lack of one. Her discussion, in essence, centered on the lack of opportunities for her mother’s generation. I paraphrase her remarks here. “Women […]


BLOG – WELCOME BACK. is the ONLY WEBSITE AS OF THIS DATE – May 1, 2022. I want to thank you all for your cards and letters, comments and suggestions. I have taken many of them to heart and here you will have the opinion of only one moviegoer who realizes that films are […]

– DIRTY JOHN – Series # 1

What would a 45’ish successful, beautiful woman, with a close family want with a man who claimed to have no family, no friends, and who suddenly appeared online full of lines to feed such a wonderful person? The story is apparently a fairly common one, yet there are thrilling parts in the first season, 8 […]

Women Helping Women Fredda Dudley Balling

Recently I have been thinking about my answer(s) to the question: What is the purpose of your writing? My answer has grown, changed and is now focused on this:      The purpose of any writing I do is to show/teach/prove to women that they can change their lives by making the big jump into the unknown. Yes, […]


the Beatle and Taylor Swift:     Inspiration for those who are fearful of what 2021 will bring—dash those thoughts and get creative! Paul McCartney says he feels a little guilty that his alone time has been filled with creativity when so many other people are bored, afraid, and compliant. (It is reported his daughter and […]

Women Helping Other Women SONIA WOLFSON Sonia Wolfson – publicist – 20th Century Fox – EVERYONE WANTS TO BE A STAR!

Relationships between women have seriously changed over the years. We are heading into a new dimension where female against female for a man, a job, a contest are over. We’re all in this together—whatever the future turns out to be. The plight of women has been well documented, but until women were willing to work […]