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I want to thank you all for your cards and letters, comments and suggestions. I have taken many of them to heart and here you will have the opinion of only one moviegoer who realizes that films are having as difficult a time as everyone else since the pandemic which has brought change to everyone. Many times I do not agree with the majority, nor the publicity that is being put out by the producers through other outlets in order to draw you, the audience, into spending your evening with the films not worth your while, especially when you could have been watching something more to your liking.

Speaking of finding what you really want to watch, Netflix has categorized the movies, series, etc. that they have purchased into headlines to help you. For instance, Comedy, Drama (which could be broken down even further), Old Movies, continuing Series, etc. Good job, Netflix!

My biggest disappointment this month is in Ryan Reynolds. I have followed you from the beginning when you thought 1.2 $ per word made you feel like a gazillionaire!. And you make me laugh because you have that way about you to draw the audience in and say “really” or “that’s how it goes”, adding a shrug, thus letting us know that so much of this really is not serious business… Keep it up… please don’t let go of that ability even when, now, you are that gazillionaire!

Yes, he was paid millions and is making millions from UNDERGROUND, a 2-hour and 8-minute –  Thrill A Minute movie produced by Netflix.

 I have to go against those who LOVE the movie, as one of the reviewer/audience participants put it. “There’s a thrill a minute. The best film Reynolds has ever made!” Kudos to you if you don’t expect more from the man with so much more to offer, having two good films listed below that are worth your time.

Yes, so many of today’s movies are only about gadgets and women sliding on office chairs, alone, where here, Ryan is working on blowing or trying to blow the next guy or group of guys up, splashing their cars everywhere across the screen after they careen into buildings, on the rooftops, and at the bottom, in the front doors. (The issue: do we not have enough violence in real life that so that what we want for our two hours in an evening before we go to bed, trying to sleep afterwards, in preparation for our tenuous jobs the next day? Tell me you can fall asleep after that!

This movie is essentially about moneyed millionaires which (I’m sorry to say, Ryan, you just do not fit the role as you walk –I think—from your castle in the sky with your henchmen and look down at the action you expect your men to perform, below!)

When flying, burning, rolling over objects produce more of an adrenalin rush than your presence we need a reason to continue if YOU are the star they have turned on to watch. To distance yourself even further, who are you fighting? Another millionaire, leaving us wondering are you the bad/good guy or is the other guy across the way the really a bad enough dude to go to such lengths??

SAVE THOSE TWO HOURS AND EIGHT MINUTES for two other offerings Ryan has on Netflix.

THE ADAM PROJECT: All kinds of gadgets that should intrigue you, but more than that there is human interest tied into the action with a dynamite ending; very personal and a jewel because Ryan is a first-class star who can play humble, caring, and even better, will put a smile on your face with his little jokester side that is his natural way and he carries it off  in a way that catches audiences in the throat—even in the heart. Wow.

THE RED NOTICE: Now that’s slick, and has Dwayne Johnson, who can do no wrong these days. as his buffer. The sets are beautiful, the fight for the prize intriguing, locations are lavish and a beautiful co-star Gal Gadot, carries her role off with great aplomb! And Reynolds uses his charm again, that smile with just enough knowledge in it, which is so natural: sheer fun.

Love you, Ryan. Can’t wait for more of these.