– DIRTY JOHN – Series # 1

What would a 45’ish successful, beautiful woman, with a close family want with a man who claimed to have no family, no friends, and who suddenly appeared online full of lines to feed such a wonderful person?

The story is apparently a fairly common one, yet there are thrilling parts in the first season, 8 episodes in all to Series # 1.

If your immediate family does not like him, sometimes that can be expected, children want their lives to be the same and that means their parents’ lives must also remain the same. Here, the two daughters and one son do not like John from the first introduction, although none of the traits soon to arise were showing. I binged on episodes 5-7, feeling when I turned the series off, that 1) she was being dumb, was dumb, and downright too trusting and 2) realizing he would have been every woman’s dream IF he had been real.

Dirty John was on drugs. And then he did so many things that are common red flags and he was “playing” her with so many of them. The sex was great and he wanted to be a trusting fellow, but when he recovered—which she saw him through—he then hid his next binges… WHICH SHE SAW EVIDENCE OF—and ignored in an effort to “save” him—and not thinking of herself or the possible results to her family.

How many red flags can you point out and bring to a conversation here? But then she had no idea what the consequences would do to her family in the end…. Quite intriguing… Would keep me away from these pretend good guys for sure… Let me know your thoughts! All the actors are superb and it was great to see Jean Smart on the screen again as well. 

Re: Season 2 – somehow the plot worked for the first go-round, but I don’t think it’s very good for Season 2 even though Amazon has Season 2 listed on its top 10.