What could they possibly have in common? MONEY. AND LOTS OF IT!

For years, the real Queen was the richest woman in the world. AS caretaker of all the country’s precious jewels, acres upon acres of properties and castles, and with a personal income provided by her loyal subjects, the Monarchy itself surpasses the Amazon King Jeff Bezos’s Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott’s fortune. 

Even so, The Monarchy is separate from the Queen’s private holdings amounting to a mere $350 million. Those jewels you see? She has possession of them but they continue to belong to “The Monarchy”. When she is no longer queen, such assets dating back to the 1300s, go to the next ruler.  

These facts then leave Jeff Bezo’s ex-wife MacKenzie Scott the richest woman in the world. America’s MacKenzie Scott, since her divorce in 2019, has given away almost $2 billion through the mighty multi-billionaire club but still remains the richest woman in the world because of the shares of Amazon stock she received in the divorce settlement. This amounts to $68 billion and counting.

What is the vast difference between these two multi-billionaire women? 

One worked hard for her “employer” as she signed on for a lifetime of “duty” to The Crown and its people, and has carried out her promise under great stress and sacrifice (I know—I know—you would do the same for that kind of money. Really?) And while MacKenzie assisted her husband at the very beginning of what became Amazon, she has now gone off into seclusion where she wishes to write poetry and books and has time to think and become a private citizen while remaining the richest woman in the world.

Wouldn’t we just love to see some of the poems, short stories, even a book or two written by MacKenzie? QUESTION: Will her former husband then splash it across Amazon.COM thus making it an instant success? Or will she write under another name and have to work her way up to the top as so many successful writers have done? Just asking.

The moral here: Money and how to get it: One need only to lie down with the right guy for one’s just rewards.

That’s why writing about politics (Oh, not the sort we’ve been through this past year, heavens no! no! no!) but the politics of the bedroom are so exciting in my next book, Palm Beach Interlude. About money, power and control, and the struggles that the 3 main female characters are delved into: deeply, are at the center. Their loves, their involvement in the control of the exclusivity of The Island and the power of illusion are held onto tightly; the tragedy being that—at least for the main character Barbara with the 4 names—by the time the not-so-obvious requirements are accomplished, Palm Beach has changed: not because of health circumstances (Covid 19) or other faulty government antics (I won’t even go there!) –but from the fallout after the turmoil of 2020. This is expressed by the next generation’s idea of life choices. Sharon’s son comes to his grandfather’s 80th birthday party to tell his parents he is quitting Harvard University’s pre-law classes in order to follow the Radical Light of Ascension to Level 5, for starters.


First and foremost there is Barbara with the 4 names as the main character who remains an outsider until… Then there is quiet, almost withdrawn Sharon Darby, a Palm Beacher, her breeding and background going back at least three generations and counting, whose name (and not her husband’s, Timothy J. Buckner) holds the position. Sharon is also kind, sweet and helpful. (Well, sort of … until she becomes involved with the minister). Then there is Sharon’s sister, Iris, appearing as a bit player having moved to South Beach 10 years ago to escape being overlooked by her family. Afraid of facing her 40’s, Iris is hoping to become center stage once again while delivering a piece of news during her father’s 80th birthday and then slamming the door in all their faces once again.

Paulette Marshall is also there as a best friend to Sharon. Trying to save her from … and knowing the full story about her husband, and to protect her.

If the so-called “under classed whites” or the rest of America have become disappointed in current results, it is Palm Beachites who are still holding steady with its customs a part of The Island that remains untouched—or has it? 


Two major events have caused Palm Beach, if not to change its exterior as much as the rest of the world, several of its one-time glamourous citizens have rocked The Island, leaving a crack in The Island’s mystic: They are, 1) party and too-young girls provider Jeffrey Epstein and his reported connection to a royal who spent time in Palm Beach, his mysterious death and continuing in-depth investigation, along with a completely different problem: 2) President Trump, now a full-time resident of Palm Beach, and the only one who, back in the mid-80’s, stepped up to the plate and saved the city’s own palace, Mar A Largo, only to become the not-so-private President of the United States. How this shakes outs? More to come!

Although I am not writing about such powers as The real Queen possesses or the real money of a MacKenzie Scott, except for the very few—make-up heiresses, hedge fund kings and such, it is well-known fact, after all, no one can live in Palm Beach without their very own money or someone else’s!