Have you seen Jennifer Aniston in “The Morning Show” (not the real one, on one of the networks”? but an Apple + production.) She is FABULOUS. And, of course, the sets are wow and her clothes so tailored and perfect (dream on! They are custom-made). The same cast is now in production for the next 8 or 10 episodes. The cast is in production for another season.

I don’t know what they will do this time around, but WARNING: WATCH IF YOU CAN STAND the language, the harshness behind the scenes, then you’re set. I found the language rather unnecessary in many of the instances, but it was not my script. I only hope they find some of this not as necessary, what with the ratings at the top, why such nastiness?

    One of the aspects that struck me right away was how much Jennifer looked HER AGE (respectively, I mean that and how great it is to see such a beauty!) “They say she’s had some work done… we’ll see/inspect as we watch the next segments. Popcorn anyone? 

Everything Jennifer does makes money, so as she made these fun nonsensical movies to get to this grand performance I say a three times WOW! Her very presence changes all the scenes she is in and she developed a character that “awakens” to the reality of what was going on around and behind the scenes of filming The Morning Show, accepting her part and thus the Emmy nominated performance. Quite a great job! Nominated for two Emmys, when they make the next segment financed by Apple + she no doubt will be a winner! 

    P.S. I also loved Reese Witherspoon who downplayed her abilities when in the same scenes with Jennifer, even darkened her hair.

    WONDERING: Reese purchased the best-seller and great read “Where the Crawdads Sing”…. When is she going into production and announcing a cast? (Needs a little less of the birds and more of the romances created (by her? By her editor?) that added mystery to a gentle, spirit-lifting read.


I had seen all of “The Crown” and loved Queen Elizabeth as a young woman. Grew to the love the adult woman who was literally self-educated and had so very many heartaches requiring her to choose what was right for the ruling class AND the people wherever possible, but it was sooo long that I went back to EPISODES in 3 and picked up so much more. If you ever think the Queen had an easier life than you with all her crowns, cars, servants and a 100 room castle to go along with it… think again. 

I had forgotten so much from the time I spent every spare moment living on the sets and following the other characters, then seeing her husband finally evolve out of the shadow of his wife (and her overwhelming job) was mesmerizing. He apologized to his mother hidden away as a nun helping the sick and the poor and brought to the castle by The Queen and against his wishes. Or when he went to the home that was once The Queen’s father’s home and apologized for “being an ass” as the captions stated. How he told the group of ministers and social workers to help the poor and teach their faith to those who were lost, to say, “I am vulnerable. I need help!” (Could you just cry? I did) Then to know they all stayed friends for a lifetime.

There were two aspects of “The Queen” Now that Harry and Megan have spilled their guts out to “Oprah”, and Harry has gone to London for his grandfather’s funeral, (Prince Phillip) the ratings on this Netflix series has zoomed up 85%!  I was happy to see emphasized. 1) The  gentle heart of The real Queen (which, when the decisions were difficult about matters of state, she had to step away from, and 2) her constant sense of duty that controlled her very life. (Trained to work with horses was all she ever wanted to do, or so “they” say vs. becoming Queen because it was what her father wanted.)  And the purse? Always with her. What’s in it? My guess the diary she wrote in every night, a pen, Kleenex and a lipstick. Also a buzzing system to get her out of situations.  My guess. 

I have been researching and am onto writing another mystery entitled “Palm Beach Interlude”… there is a pause for two reasons 1)  the election results and how Palm Beach treats the man who saved Mar-o-largo because no one else would take on the task of repair and maintenance and 2) the Jeffrey Epstein case and his 10 years of reportedly bringing underaged girls in limousines across the bridges to his mansion without a peep out of anyone “over there.”  

How those two variables affect Palm Beach and the characters in the next Paulette Marshall thriller are what I am waiting on. 

I work very hard to develop characterizations and create settings that draw you into the place and the problems to be solved. I do not start out with guns blazing, people dying, or any other “male dialogue”… one of the main themes is how a woman (Paulette) and other characters attempt to create successful lives – think, react, and make hard choices. 

I’m hoping you will want to follow Paulette into this next ride where even wealth and power cannot suppress change! 

Meanwhile, have you read “Key West Interlude”? Two murders are dealt with as Paulette leaves what she thought was a happy marriage (he filed papers for the divorce to marry a younger version to bring more children into the world and keep him young!) Paulette is going through what so many women are required to do when they leave their husbands and financial support, family support, and familiarity behind. This can be done literally in one nightly meeting. Where are the checkbooks? How much do we have in the bank? Will you visit the children? Do I have to go back to school? Is the house to be sold so we can divvy up our assets and then split them as the State of California requires? And of course, how to re-create a real family life out of the ashes. 

Paulette moves to a whole new environment. Uses her education to be hired as a counselor at the local school (remember Key West is not that big – only one high school where the rest of the action takes place) as she tries to help her students with their emotional problems and solve so many of her own issues and all the changes this move has created for Paulette.  

 You will love her honesty, her attempt to try to date (not a near-miss in Palm Beach Interlude!), and finally, how she begins to learn how to fight back! Yeah for her and for the lessons you can learn about bravery and how women no longer take a back seat in what they consider to be their own success and not measured against anyone else’s.